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The sailing route from Nieuw Amsterdam / Veenoord to Ter Apel is called the Veenvaart. With the opening of the Koning Willem-Alexander Canal (as the canal is officially called) between Erica and Ter Apel in June 2013, it has become possible to sail around the whole of Drenthe. The canal leads through a special area with unique nature and characteristic ribbon villages along this Veenvaart with a wealth of cultural heritage including monuments, regional museums and works of art. You can also visit pearls in the landscape, such as the Bargerveen and the cross-border Bourtanger Moor in Germany. There is a lot of space and tranquility with plenty of opportunities for walking and cycling. There is also the opportunity to visit various day attractions. The peat shipping area is more than just a “channel with a story”.

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Peat navigation also international shipping connection.

The digging of the Koning-Willem Alexander Canal has also restored an old waterway connection with Germany.
Via peat navigation it is now possible to reach Germany from Fryslân, Overijssel and Twente via the Haren-Rütenbrock canal at Ter Apel, and vice versa.
This connection is one of the three shipping connections for recreational cruising from the Netherlands with Germany, and vice versa.

Sailing with Corona.

The service objects in the province of Drenthe will take place in the months of April and October 2021 according to agreement at applicable service times. Shipping must report at least 1 day in advance. From May 1 to September 31, 2021, normal summer operation will be carried out without prior notification. All this according to the guidelines of the RIVM for recreational cruising.

For more information about operating locks and bridges, see: varen.drenthe.nl

General: Keep 1.5 meters away!

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