The Route: New Dordrecht

Nieuw-Dordrecht is a mining village, located on a sand ridge (an offshoot of the Hondsrug) southeast of the city of Emmen. Initially, Nieuw-Dordrecht was a ribbon village. Due to new construction after the Second World War, a village center has been developed. The village area also consists of agricultural area, partly peat reclamation, and forest plots. In the east it borders the Oosterbos, in which pieces of high moor can still be found. There are several large business parks to the west and southwest of the village. The village is easily accessible via the N862 and N37.

The name is derived from Nieuw-Dordrecht where the head office of the Drentse Kanaalmaatschappij was located.
Jans Brands has brought together a unique collection in the Collection Brands museum. You will find objects from the history of Drenthe and the Drenthe-Groninger peat area. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday afternoon.

During WWII, Allied planes were shot down over the municipality of Emmen. The first plane crashed on February 20, 1943 in Nieuw-Dordrecht. At the R.A.F. graveyard, the crew members of these aircraft were buried. In total you will find 24 war graves.

And further the Reformed Church (1874)